The University Of Cape Town Trust

The University Of Cape Town Trust

The University Of Cape Town Trust,  The University of Cape Town Trust raises funds in the UK and Europe for the University of Cape Town, South Africa’s premier university.

Funds raised  in the UK support bursaries to help young talented students from profoundly disadvantaged backgrounds to live and learn at UCT.  Without financial aid, so much of the talent now emerging from the townships and rural areas of South Africa will be wasted.  These are the young people who will ultimately make valuable contributions to South Africa’s future.  Every penny raised can make an enormous difference to the lives of South Africans – not only the lives of the bursary students, but also the lives of their families.

Funds raised  in the UK also help to build capacity to ensure that the quality of teaching and research continues to align with UCT’s mission for excellence, and allows UCT to be a globally recognised University.

PLEASE NOTE that donations made via Virgin Money Giving are subject to a 3.5% transaction fee which will be deducted from the total you have donated.  If you would like 100% of your gift to go to UCT Trust, please consider adding an extra 3.5% to the amount you would like the UCT Trust to receive.

Statement by the UCT Trust (UK)

3 Nov 2016 – 21:00

The Trustees of the University of Cape Town Trust (UK), at their board meeting on 3 November 2016;

  • noted with the deepest concern the continuing reports of violent protest on the UCT campus, with repeated attacks on persons and property and the consequent suspension of the normal calendar of teaching and examinations, which had led to the issuing of an interdict by the High Court on 26 October;
  • expressed their support and admiration for the Vice-Chancellor and his senior colleagues, in the face of these unprecedented events in the history of the University, for their personal courage, their unshakeable determination to maintain the University’s cardinal principles of freedom of teaching and research, as well as to meet the University’s duty to all of its students to ensure their personal security and access to the teaching which is their right;
  • called upon any students involved in the protests to recognize that lasting damage to the University and its principles would not only harm their own life chances, but would be a betrayal of the right to education of their fellow students and of future student generations;
  • called upon the South African Government to recognize its own share in the situation that has given rise to student unrest in many parts of the country, and to take every step to reinstate the constitutional values of peaceful protest and the right to education;
  • reiterated their determination, as Trustees, to support the University and its values, and to redouble their efforts to promote knowledge of the University’s outstanding achievements in teaching and research, and notably research of strikingly high quality with social, medical, environmental, economic and educational relevance in a South African and African context.

Welcome to the UCT Australian Trust

The University of Cape Town Australian Trust, ABN 16316957875, is a charitable foundation established by alumni and supporters of the UCT, residing in Australia, to provide financial support to a range of development and social justice programs managed by the UCT. Projects selected by the Australian Trust focus on education, health and human rights, and aim to assist disadvantaged South African communities to rise above poverty.

UCT alumni chapters will be established initially in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide. In time we hope to establish chapters in other states, territories and regional centres.

Lenore Plummer has been appointed as Chief Executive Officer of the Trust, and Ruth Thornton has been appointed Alumni Manager, to facilitate networking and events for Australian alumni and supporters.

The University of Cape Town Australian Trust is an Australian charity established to heighten the profile of the UCT ‘s development projects, and encourage alumni to give back to their nation of origin. It is endorsed with tax deductible status.

Mission Statement :

The trust  is a charitable foundation formed to support a number of UCT’ social justice programs including the  the Schools Development Unit (Education), Education Development Unit (Commerce), the Drug Discovery Unit (Chemistry),the Peri-Natal Mental Health Unit  Health Sciences).

The Trust also supports financially disadvantaged South African students to attend UCT, including assistance to live on campus. It aims to empower bright and talented youth to rise above poverty to earn a degree. All projects aim to assist disadvantaged communities, and South Africa as a whole, in pursuit of the nation’s social and educational goals


Cape Town Foundation Pty Ltd

is the trustee of the UCT Australian Trust. Directors of the company are UCT alumni with a commitment to the management and promotion of the trust.

Current directors are Wayne Spanner (chairman), Arnold Conyer, Malcolm Dunn, Robert Estcourt, Anne Sarzin and Jonathan Trollip, Barbara Galloon.

Lenore Plummer is Company Secretary.