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UCT Bcom, The Commerce Faculty is the largest of all the faculties in the University of Cape Town and continues to expand the programmes it offers its students. Commerce degree programmes prepare students for the personnel needs of the fast-growing world of financial service industries and prepare them for participation in the global economy. The Commerce Faculty receives strong support from international agencies, and remains committed to engagement with the African continent.

The Faculty offers two undergraduate degrees: a four-year Bachelor of Business Science (BBusSc) and a three-year Bachelor of Commerce (BCom). Both of these degree programmes are divided into a variety of streams to cater both for the interests of our students, and the employment needs of the country.

The University of Cape Town’s Faculty of Commerce had its beginnings immediately after World War I. Robert Leslie, then Professor of Economics, led the drive to establish a faculty which would provide students with the broad educational background and professional training most appropriate to an executive career in the business world. From its inception, the Faculty of Commerce displayed that spirit of enterprise and unorthodoxy and that strong sense of purpose which were to become its most distinguishing characteristics. Thus the Faculty Board met for the first time on 25th November 1921, four days before it had been formally constituted by the University Council!

A two-year Diploma in Commerce was immediately organised. Then, in 1924, Professor (later Sir Arnold) Plant was appointed to the John Garlick Chair of Commerce, and drew up a curriculum for the Degree of Bachelor of Commerce. Courses were provided both for full-time and for part-time students, who worked during the day and attended lectures in the evening.

The postgraduate research degrees of Master of Commerce and Doctor of Philosophy were also offered. By virtue of its professional bias, and also because many of its students were already following commercial careers, the Faculty achieved the special advantage of being firmly rooted at once in the world of learning and also in the world of business.

Stream Information
Bachelor of Commerce (Overview)

The Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) degree is a three-year degree consisting of courses in (roughly) the following categories:
  • Core courses in Bachelor of Commerce
  • Ancillary and related courses
  • Courses specifically geared towards a special field
For the special field of Actuarial Science, the courses in the last category above, are designed specifically to correspond to parts of the Joint Examinations of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries.
(Other special fields include Finance, Economics, Marketing, Information Systems, Law etc. These are not discussed here. For more information, please see the Faculty of Commerce page.)
Please see “Exemptions from Professional Examinations”  for the university courses that correspond to Subjects in the Joint Examinations.
The Actuarial Science Section is responsible for the following two streams of special fields for students registered for the BBusSc degree:
The curriculum for the first two years of study for both streams above are similar. In the third year of study, students are required to choose one of the above.
Undergraduate Student Advisors:
Coetzee Marais: coetzee.marais@uct.ac.za
Landu du Toit: landi.dutoit@uct.ac.za

The Commerce Faculty Office is the administrative heart of the Commerce Faculty and is responsible for dealing with all administrative processes found within the faculty. All student and staff queries get directed and dealt with here.

Postal Address:
Faculty of Commerce
University of Cape Town
Private Bag

Physical Address
Leslie Commerce Building
Engineering Mall
Upper Campus
University of Cape Town

Phone: +27 (0)21 650 4375

Fax: +27 (0)21 650-4369

Email: Faculty Officer: Com-faculty@uct.ac.za

Website: http://www.commerce.uct.ac.za

Education Development Unit (EDU)

For information about the EDU, contact:

EDU Coordinator

Dr J Pym (021 650-3866):

EDU Administrative Assistant

Ms S Solomons (021 650-3720):

Tel: (021) 650 3720

Email: June.Pym@uct.ac.za  or Shanaaz.Solomons@uct.ac.za

Website: http://www.educommerce.uct.ac.za/

Applying to UCT

For general information about applying to UCT, including financial aid, scholarships, student housing, contact the Student Recruitment Office: Tel: (021) 650 4399 Email: admissions@uct.ac.za

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