UCT Drive

UCT Drive

About network drives at UCT

UCT’s network users have access to a number of network drives. These include a private F: drive (for your personal data) as well as shared network drives, such as G: drive and others. ICTS backs up these drives regularly and, if you lose your data at any point, you can ask ICTS to restore your files at a cost.

Within these drives, departments have their own shared areas where they store their data.

Find your department’s shared drives

  1. Log on to the UCT network.
  2. Ensure that you have connected to the UCT network drives (see instructions for Windows, Mac and Linux).
  3. Explore your computer and look for a G: drive. This is the shared drive for your department.

Request access to an existing shared area

Contact the IT Helpdesk to request access to an existing shared area. Include the following information:

  • Department name
  • Usernames of the individuals who need access
  • Mapping of the existing shared folder(s), for example:
    Srvnvsshr200 > Datshr200 > groupname > foldername
    (If you do not know this information, ask a colleague who already has access to the area. Alternatively, seek assistance from the IT Helpdesk.)
  • What type of access is required (e.g. read only or read-write)

Request a new shared area for your department

If you don’t have a shared drive, or you would like a new shared drive, contact the IT Helpdesk to request a shared area.

Include the following information:

  • Department name
  • The names and staff IDs of the people who need access to the shared folder
  • Approximate required size for the shared area
  • Suggested name for a new shared area
    If this folder needs to be situated within an existing shared folder in your department, then specify the mapping of the existing shared folder, for example: Srvnvsshr200 > Datshr200 > groupname > foldername
  • What type of access is required (e.g. read only or read-write)

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