UCT Finance Department

UCT Finance Department

UCT Finance Department, The department is responsible for all undergraduate courses in finance‚ including service courses. The department is research led and has two very active graduate programs which are a Masters in Tax and a Masters in Finance.  The former has two streams being South African Tax and International Tax.  The latter has three different streams being Financial Management, Financial and Risk Management and Investment Management.   We also supervise Ph.D. students across the areas of finance ‚ tax and accounting.
Course Code Course Title View Info
FTX1004S Introduction to Financial Management View Info
FTX1005RQ Managerial Finance View Info
FTX2000S Personal Financial Management View Info
FTX2020F Business Finance View Info
FTX2024F Corporate Financial Management View Info
FTX2024S Corporate Financial Management View Info
FTX3044F Finance IIA View Info
FTX3045S Finance IIB View Info
FTX4010F Advanced Taxation View Info
FTX4035W Taxation Technical Report View Info
FTX4036FS Research Methods in Taxation View Info
FTX4037S Taxation of Financial Instruments View Info
FTX4051H Finance Research Project View Info
FTX4052H Finance Honours Research Project View Info
FTX4056S Applied Investments View Info
FTX4057F Applied Corporate Finance View Info
FTX4086F Alternative Investments View Info
FTX5000W Masters in Finance by full dissertation only View Info
FTX5003W Minor Dissertation in Finance View Info
FTX5005W Taxation Masters Dissertation only View Info
FTX5005W Taxation Masters Dissertation only View Info
FTX5028W Topics in Financial Management View Info
FTX5029W Minor-Dissertation in Financial Management (60 credits) View Info
FTX5030W Taxation Coursework View Info
FTX5031W Taxation Minor Dissertation View Info
FTX5032W Taxation Minor Dissertation (60 credits) View Info
FTX5033S International Tax II View Info
FTX5034F International Tax I View Info
FTX5042W Corporate Finance and Valuation View Info
FTX5043F Capital Markets and Financial Instruments View Info
FTX5044H Empirical Finance View Info
FTX6000W PhD in Finance View Info
FTX6001W PhD in Tax View Info


Undergraduate Programmes Postgraduate Programmes Programmes in Finance Programmes in Taxation

Contact Us

For general departmental queries contact: Departmental Manager: Waleda Salie Telephone: 021 650 5337 Email: Waleda.Salie@uct.ac.za For undergraduate course queries contact: Administrative Officer: Lee-Anne Bull Telephone: 021 650 5338 Email: Lee-Anne.Bull@uct.ac.za For postgraduate finance course queries contact: Administrative Officer: Christine Olsen Telephone: 021 650 3289 Email: Christine.Olsen@uct.ac.za For postgraduate taxation course queries contact: Telephone: 021 650 2949 Postal Address: Deparment of Finance and Tax University of Cape Town Private Bag X3 Rondebosch 7701 Physical Address: Department of Finance and Tax Room 4.54‚ 4th Floor Robert Leslie Social Science Building Upper Campus University of Cape Town

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