UCT Online Campus

UCT Online Campus

Step into your Online Campus

Experience an easy-to-navigate platform, designed to mirror the academic excellence available to on-campus students at the world’s leading universities. You’ll use this platform to interact with your Head Tutor, Success Manager and classmates; study and engage with your interactive course content, and upload your weekly assignments.

Here’s how the Online Campus makes online learning easy:
  • Each module is facilitated by industry experts, guiding you through lectures and interviews on the most industry-relevant topics for the course you’ve signed up to
  • By having an online classroom, you’re able to enjoy the flexibility of online learning without worrying about carrying heavy textbooks and assignments around with you
  • You receive personalised, people-mediated support via the online campus, motivating you through your online learning journey and ensuring you get through your weekly assignments.

You can look forward to an online education experience tailored specifically for the adult working learner. By allowing for deep learning in a structured timeframe, regular opportunities within a year to start studying, no travel considerations, and a manageable workload each week, you’re afforded the flexibility and convenience you need to learn and advance.


UCT Online Campus

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