UCT Zoology Building

UCT Zoology Building, Welcome to the Department of Zoology. This booklet is intended to assist you in finding your way around the department and its facilities. More detailed information is available on the University’s and Department’s home pages and in the Department’s internal manuals. To gain access to the home pages from the University’s computer network, simply click on the “Netscape” or “Internet Explorer” icon. The University’s home page pops up as the default page. Point and click on any highlighted word for more information on that topic. To gain access to the home pages from outside the UCT network, type in our internet address: http://www.uct.ac.za and follow the same steps as above. The Departmental website is available at www.zoology.uct.ac.za. This document is available on the Departmental website under the “INTERNAL USE – Administration” tab. Introduction to the Department To find home page information on the Zoology Department, call up the University’s home page as described earlier. Click on “Academic: Departments” and then scroll down to and click on ‘Zoology’, or type in http://www.zoology.uct.ac.za/. This web page has an introduction to the Zoology Department and information on: COURSES AND PROGRAMMES Details on all undergraduate and post-graduate courses and programmes offered by the department HONOURS TAUGHT MASTERS COURSES FORMS Departmental application forms for: -Honours -Taught Masters in Applied Marine Science -Taught Masters in Conservation Biology -Animal Ethics Forms -Leave -Vehicle Bookings -Lecturer evaluation forms -Course evaluation forms CLICK HERE TO ACCESS ALL THE INFORMATION IN A PDF FORM

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