University Of Cape Town Bee Certificate

University Of Cape Town Bee Certificate

University Of Cape Town Bee Certificate, The University of Cape Town is incorporated in terms of the Higher Education Act, 1997, and the Institutional Statute of the University of Cape Town, promulgated under Government Notice No 1199 of 20 September 2002, subsequently amended by Government Notices 259 of 26 February 2004; 476 of 20 May 2005; 748 of 27 August 2010; and 408 of 23 May 2012.

UCT financial compliance certificates, as well as a complete list of the various UCT bank accounts are available as listed below.

View the VAT certificate.

View the B-BBEE accreditation certificate, valid until 13 May 2019.

View the Verified BEE Verification Report , as at 16 May 2018.

View the Tax Clearance Certificate, valid until 26 January 2019.

NB: SARS is currently still issuing tax clearance certificates in hardcopy format. However in future they will only be issuing a PIN. The PIN will enable the person to whom you submit the tender to check in real time whether the entity is in good standing. As soon as SARS implements the new system, UCT will apply for a PIN.

It is important that the correct bank account is selected. This is dependent on the purpose for which you are making the deposit. View the list of Bank Accounts