University Of Cape Town Honours

University Of Cape Town Honours

University Of Cape Town Honours, Honours in Information Systems aims to provide students with an understanding of the complexities and issues involved in the development and management of Information Systems by giving students a range of experiences. Students will gain experience by both learning and doing.

Experiences include preparing and presenting seminars‚ working in a systems development project team‚ conducting and writing up empirical research‚ mentoring and tutoring undergraduate students‚ and community service.


The major objectives of IS Honours are:

  • To research‚ present and discuss the major academic contributions in the field of IS development and management in seminars. To develop strong communication‚ interpersonal and change agent skills. To develop a community spirit through the Honours Outreach and Community Involvement Programme (HOCIP) (INF4026F & INF4025S).
  • To complete a systems development (SD) project in a team (INF4027W).
  • To do empirical research (ER) on an information systems topic (INF4024W).


IS Honours course consists of three major deliverables and 4 courses:

  • The first is seminar-driven (INF4026F & INF4025S). Each student will research one or more current issues in the management of Information Systems‚ and then present seminars on the issues.
  • The second major deliverable is a systems development (SD) project (INF4027W). Teams of students identify and analyse a real-world IS problem‚ and develop a fully-functioning information system.
  • The third is an empirical research (ER) report (INF4024W). Each student will work with a staff mentor to produce a report.

In addition to the above‚ as part of INF4026F and INF4025S students are expected to become change agents for IS and participate in the tutoring of undergraduate IS courses. This requires some extra skilling‚ as tutors will be expected to be technical experts and provide excellent customer service.

All students are required to complete 30 contact hours of appropriate community service as part of the degree on the Honours Outreach and Community Involvement Programme (HOCIP). Note that satisfactory completion of this in a timely manner is a DP requirement for both INF4026F and INF4025S.

All students are expected to behave in a business-like fashion‚ to take full responsibility for all their deliverables etc.‚ and to manage their priorities. All students are expected to read and adhere to the Code of Conduct.

Programme structure

IS Honours consists of 4 courses and projects. IS Honours commences with an introductory session in the first two weeks.


The Honours year is a very busy one‚ and students are usually involved with a few deliverables at a time. Apart from the main I.S. Honours deliverables there are tutoring duties‚ and Community involvement . Although seminars are not scheduled during the university vacs‚ students will be expected to work over these periods.

Students must not plan any major trips or activities this year. The year should be one of hard work‚ fun and great personal growth



This course is for students who have successfully completed an Information Systems major. Typically‚ marks in 3rd year IS courses should average 65% or more. In addition‚ it is expected that the applicant will have passed courses in other Commerce subjects like Accounting‚ Economics‚ Management and Statistics.

Students who have majored in Computer Science but who have also passed IS major courses and some Commerce courses may be eligible at the discretion of the Head of Department. Applications open on 1 September of year prior to year of intended study.

Completed application forms should be submitted via email by 1 October of year prior to year of intended study.

A new programme structure allows students with a first degree (Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Social Science (BSocSc)) to qualify with a Masters degree in two years. The Honours/Masters pattern applies to most of the programmes.

  • After the first year of study (consisting of four courses and a research essay/project), students graduate with an Honours degree.
  • Students can then continue into year two (provided they meet the admission requirements for the Masters programme) and graduate with a Masters degree after completing four further courses and a minor dissertation.


Postgraduate programmes on offer:
The degrees and diplomas offered at postgraduate level in the Faculty of Humanities are listed below by department. Additional information can be obtained from the Faculty’s Postgraduate Office, which is located in the Beattie Building on Upper Campus.

Department Postgraduate specialisations
African Gender Institute*
Tel: 021 650 4207
Fax: 021 685 2142
Website: African Gender Institute
Hons in Gender and Transformation Research
Research Masters in Gender Studies
PhD in Gender Studies
African Studies Section*
Tel: 021 650 2308
Fax: 021 650 3579
Website: Centre for African Studies
Postgraduate Diploma in African Studies
Hons/Masters in African Studies
Hons/Masters in Heritage and Public Culture
Coursework Masters in African Studies Research
Masters in African Studies
MPhil in Environmental Humanities
PhD in African Studies.
Linguistics Section*
Tel: 021 650 2847
Fax: 021 650 3150
Hons/Masters in Linguistics
Research Masters in Linguistics
PhD in Linguistics.
Anthropology Section*
Tel: 021 650 3678
Fax: 021 650 2307
Website: Social Anthropology

*The above sections fall under the School of African and Gender Studies, Anthropology and Linguistics

Hons/Masters in Anthropology
Masters in Environmental Humanities
Masters in Practical Anthropology
Research Masters in Social Anthropology
PhD in Anthropology
Tel: 021 650 2353
Fax: 021 650 2352
Website: Archaeology
Hons in Archaeology
Hons in Archaeology & Environmental Science
Research Masters in Archaeology
PhD in Archaeology
Tel: 021 650 2398
Fax: 021 650 2494
Website: Dance
Hons in Dance Studies
Hons in Choreography
Hons in Performance
Masters in Dance by Choreography
Masters in Dance by Performance & Dissertation
Masters in Dance by Performance & Choreography
Masters in Dance by Choreography & Dissertation Research Masters in Dance
PhD in Dance
Tel: 021 480 7121
Fax: 021 480 7106
Website: Drama
Hons in Drama
Masters in Theatre and Performance
Masters in Applied Drama and Theatre Studies
MA in Dramaturgy
MA in Television Production
Research Masters in Drama
PhD in Drama
Tel: 021 650 2733
Fax: 021 650 2854
Website: Economics
Hons/Masters in Economics
Masters in Applied Economics
Masters in Health Economics
Research Masters in Economics
PhD in Economics
Tel: 021 650 2772
Fax: 021 650 3489
Website: Education
Advanced Certificate in Education
Postgraduate Certificate in Education
Bachelor of Education (Hons)
Postgraduate Diploma in Education specilaising in Higher Education Studies and Educational Technology

Coursework Masters in:
Adult Education
Applied Language and Literacy Studies
Curriculum Studies
Educational Policy, Leadership and Change
Higher Education Studies
Educational Technology
Mathematics Education
Science Education
Primary Education

Research Masters in Education
PhD in Education

English Language and Literature
Tel: 021 650 2861
Fax: 021 650 3726
Website: English Literature
Hons in English Studies
Masters in English in Literature and Modernity
Masters in Creative Writing
Research Masters in English Language and Literature
PhD in English Language & Literature
Environmental and Geographical Science
Tel: 021 650 2874
Fax: 021 650 3456
Website: EGS
Hons/Masters in Environmental and Geographical Studies
Research Masters in Environmental and Geographical Studies
PhD in Environmental and Geographical Studies
Film and Media Studies, Centre for
Tel: 021 650 3373/2852
Fax: 021 650 2854
Website: Centre for Film and Media Studies
Hons in Film Studies
Hons in Film and Television Studies
Hons/Masters in Media Theory and Research
Hons/Masters in Political Communication
Masters in African Cinema
Masters in Documentary Arts
Masters in Global Media
Masters in Screenwriting
Research Masters in Rhetoric Studies
Research Masters in Film Studies or Media Studies
PhD in Film Studies or Media Studies
PhD in Rhetoric Studies
Fine Art, Michaelis School of
Tel: 021 480 7103
Fax: 021 424 2889
Website: Michaelis School of Fine Art
Postgraduate Diploma in Fine Art
Hons in Curatorship
Hons/Masters in Art Historical Studies
MFA in Fine Art
Research Masters in Fine Art
PhD in Historical Studies or Art Historical Studies
Historical Studies
Tel: 021 650 2742
Fax: 021 689 7581
Website: Historical Studies
Hons in Historical Studies
Research Masters in Historical Studies
PhD in Historical Studies
Information and Library Studies 
Tel: 021 650 3090
Fax: 021 650 4545
Website: Library and Information Studies
Postgraduate Diploma in Library and Information Science
Hons/Masters in Library and Information Science
Research Masters in Library and Information Science
PhD in Library and Information Science
Languages and Literatures, School of 
Tel: 021 650 2607
Fax: 021 685 5530
Website: School of Languages and Literatures
Hons/Masters in African Languages and Literatures
Hons/Masters in Afrikaans and Netherlandic Studies
Hons/Masters in Applied Linguistics and African Language
Hons/Masters in Classical Studies
Hons/Masters in French, German, Greek, Italian or Latin
Hons in Teaching French as a Foreign Language
Hons in Spanish
Hons in Arabic
Research Masters in African Languages and Literatures, Afrikaans and Netherlandic Studies, Classical Studies, French, German, Greek, Italian or Latin
PhD in African Languages and Literatures,
Afrikaans and Netherlandic Studies, Classical Studies, French, German, Greek, Italian or Latin
PhD in Jewish Studies
PhD in Spanish
Management Studies, School of
Tel: 021 650 3778
Fax: 021 689 7570
Website: School of Management Studies
Hons/Masters in Organisational Psychology
Research Masters in Organisational Psychology
Music, South African College of
Tel: 021 650 2626
Fax: 021 650 2627
Website: South African College of Music
Postgraduate Diploma in Music in Performance
Hons in Musicology, Composition, Performance
Research MMus
MMus specialising in Performance and Dissertation
MMus specialising in Composition and Dissertation
MMus specialising in Coursework, Performance and Dissertation
MMus specialising in Coursework and Dissertation
PhD in Music
DMus by Thesis and Performance
DMus by Thesis and Composition
Tel: 021 650 3316
Fax: 021 650 3316
Website: Philosophy
Hons/Masters in Philosophy
Research Masters in Philosophy, Politics and Economics
Research Masters in Philosophy
PhD in Philosophy
Political Studies
Tel: 021 650 5916
Fax: 021 689 7574
Website: Political Studies
Hons/Masters inInternational Relations

Public Policy and Administration

Hons/Masters in Politics

Research Masters in Political Studies

Research Masters in Public Administration

PhD in Political Studies
PhD in Public Administration

Tel: 021 650 3435
Fax: 021 650 4104
Website: Psychology
Hons in Psychology
Masters in Psychological Research
Masters in Clinical Psychology (named qualification)
Masters in Neuropsychology (named qualification)
Research Masters in Psychology
PhD in Psychology
Public Law
Tel: 021 650 3072
Fax: 021 650 3790
Website: Public Law
Hons in Criminal Justice
Research Masters in Criminology
PhD in Criminology
Religious Studies
Tel: 021 650 5818
Fax: 021 689 7575
Website: Religious Studies
Hons/Masters in Religious Studies
Research Masters in Religious Studies
PhD in Religious Studies
Social Development
Tel: 021 650 3493
Fax: 021 689 2739
Website: Social Development
Hons/Masters inProbation and Correctional Practice

Clinical Social Work

Social Development

Social Policy and Management

Research Masters in Social Development
Research Masters in Social Planning and Administration
Research Masters in Social Work
PhD in Social Development
PhD in Social Work

Tel: 021 650 3501
Fax: 021 689 7576
Website: Sociology
Hons/Masters inDevelopment Studies


Industrial Sociology

Masters in Global Studies Research Masters in Industrial Sociology
Research Masters in Sociology
PhD in Sociology
PhD in Industrial Sociology