University Of Cape Town Neurosurgery

University Of Cape Town Neurosurgery

University Of Cape Town Neurosurgery, The Division of Neurosurgery of the University of Cape Town is based at Groote Schuur Hospital and Red Cross Childrens Hospital, for adult and paediatric neurosurgery respectively.

It provides a comprehensive neurosurgical service for patients from the Western Cape region of South Africa, but also treats patients referred from other parts of the country and further afield in Africa.

Registrars are trained here in all aspects of neurosurgery, with a particular emphasis on disorders common in a developing world context, while maintaining an international standard of excellence, supported by modern technology and worldwide collaborations. Trainees are exposed not only to general neurosurgical practice but also to a wide spectrum of subspeciality interests by experienced staff of international calibre. During their training, registrars are also equipped with the skills, and exposed to the opportunities, for research in a strong academic environment. The division is also committed to the training of doctors from other parts of the continent to enable them to return to their countries with much-needed skills.

Finally, the department has fostered a strong relationship with local neurosurgeons in private practice to ensure the best care of all patients, whether in a public or private healthcare context, to exposure trainees to all aspects of pathology and treatment, and to maintain the association of the local neurosurgical community.

We are responsible for the neurosurgical management of patients at two internationally-renowned teaching hospitals, treating patients from across the Western Cape as well as elsewhere in South Africa and abroad. This clinical platform enables us to teach students, train specialists and pursue cutting-edge research into conditions relevant to our clinical practice.

We have a tradition of close ties with colleagues in private practice, enabling us to contribute to the care of patients across our community and strive to contribute in all ways possible to the growth and leadership of our specialty nationally and internationally.

Neurosurgery demands the highest standards of practice, while remaining mindful of the needs and priorities of a developing country. Our training program encompasses all aspects of modern neurosurgery, exposing registrars to the full spectrum of subspecialties. During their training, registrars have numerous opportunities to pursue research and are equipped with skills for lifelong enquiry. In this way, we strive to produce neurosurgeons who have superb clinical and operative skills coupled with the intellectual rigour to cope with a career in the fast-paced and rapidly evolving field of clinical neuroscience.

Our Vision

We strive to offer our patients the most appropriate clinical care and provide
an academic environment that nurtures honest reflection and innovative thinking.